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Janet P,  Inverell

“I have had previous session with psychologists and a few stints in mental health units, with no success.  Since receiving one on one therapy with Kellie I finally found trust to open up and dig deep into how narcissistic abuse has impacted my life.  Kellie has gently yet honestly helped me to start loving me again enough to heal my wounds.  I have found strength where there was none.  My journey has just begun and I look forward to our sessions.

Michelle G, Canberra

"If your in need of someone who is easy to talk to, understands your struggles then I can't recommend Care To Bloom highly enough.  The help, support and understanding I have received with dealing with very emotional challenges has been second to none.

Lillian, Gwydir Shire

“I am very pleased to recommend Care To Bloom Counseling.  Being heard is such a  rare phenomenon in today's hurried, stressed society.  Care To Bloom provides a safe, supportive environment with practical and sensible outcomes. I am glad I have found Care To Bloom
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Worker with Ladder
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